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Constant Reader | Indoorsy | Pluviophile


Halloween is my favorite holiday:


Check out my Lists, Reviews, and Collections through the tabs at the top of my profile. I โ™ฅ horror movies and psychological suspense. Also documentaries and true crime. Same with books. I read over 100 books last year and am sure to do the same this year.


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Recent reviews

Jeepers Creepers 3 review

Posted : 7 months, 2 weeks ago on 13 October 2019 01:11 (A review of Jeepers Creepers 3)

Have to admit even though I don't like sequels especially ones after two but I keep getting sucked into watching these things. The creeper dude with wings creeps me out and he is just so mean and unstoppable. I think that unstoppable quality is a big element in the attraction of these movies. That and his creepy, evil weapons.

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Texas Chainsaw 3D review

Posted : 7 months, 2 weeks ago on 12 October 2019 11:06 (A review of Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Heather inherits a house from her unknown to her grandmother. She takes her friends to check it out and shortly after all hell breaks loose as a supposedly dead family member again raises a chainsaw. Gorefest. As usual doesn't add anything to a great original.

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Leatherface review

Posted : 7 months, 2 weeks ago on 12 October 2019 09:01 (A review of Leatherface)

I hate it when movies are not what they are portrayed to be. If you are expecting something like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you will be disappointed. The family isn't the same. It mostly focuses on escapees being chased by the police. And only tries to redeem itself when it circles around to Leatherface towards the end. There was some good gore though When they hide in the rotting cow or whatever that was - gross.

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Candyman review

Posted : 7 months, 2 weeks ago on 12 October 2019 01:23 (A review of Candyman)

Helen and Bernadette are doing research for a paper and Helen gets completely obsessed with the story of Candyman. Things just go off the rails when Tony Todd finally shows up and Helen is accused of murder. Tony Todd rocks his role. I've watched this many times before but not in a long time. Still enjoyable. I can write it five times but I doubt I would want to stand in front of the mirror and say it five times.

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Vile review

Posted : 7 months, 3 weeks ago on 10 October 2019 11:39 (A review of Vile)

Torture Porn. Weird experiment to get "fear hormones" from captured people. Some get out, some don't, some probably wish they didn't. Things get dicey on what to do when and to who and for how long. I did get involved with some of the characters and their motivations/feelings. And yep, there is one person you just wish they would kill. What a biatch. But the ending was sucky - the supposed twist was poorly set up and executed. The woman on the film is creepy though.

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Mischief Night review

Posted : 7 months, 3 weeks ago on 10 October 2019 10:22 (A review of Mischief Night)

A girl with psychosomatic blindness must fight her way out of being killed by a bizarre killer in a yellow raincoat and mask. I kept waiting for this one to get going and it never did. I never sympathized with the main character or any of the other characters. The guy standing in the background in the raincoat and mask could have been a scary character but it didn't happen... pacing, the story... the boring-ness?

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Head Count review

Posted : 7 months, 3 weeks ago on 9 October 2019 09:44 (A review of Head Count)

Slow going to start with. It all revolves around a curse let loose by the telling of a campfire story. Things from other movies that didn't work... things arranged in the house like Poltergeist, the "red" in the sand like the brick dust in Skeleton Key, etc. The ex-bf who didn't play the ex well enough. Everyone killing themselves all in 2 secs together - that could have been expanded and meant something if you cared about any individual character, which I didn't. Disappointed this didn't turn out to be better. And the ending sucked.

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Jackals review

Posted : 7 months, 3 weeks ago on 6 October 2019 03:44 (A review of Jackals)

Kidnapping your family member back from a cult and using a deprogrammer might not be the best idea for the family as a whole. Stuck in a cabin, surrounded by cult members hellbent on revenge is an awful scary place to be and it escalates quickly. Masks always freak me out when the person behind it never speaks. Give him back - he's not worth it!!!

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A.M.I. review

Posted : 7 months, 4 weeks ago on 3 October 2019 09:19 (A review of A.M.I.)

Kinda lame but not. This is something I could seriously see happening... if it isn't already. A girl who loses her mother gives her app the name mother. Immediately AMI (amy renamed to mother) starts treating darling daughter as her own. And offers protective advice as only a non-feeling computer can. The end was a joke or maybe not. How soon will it be that we live and love with devices instead of other people?...

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The Heretics review

Posted : 7 months, 4 weeks ago on 2 October 2019 10:36 (A review of The Heretics)

The main character gets kidnapped again by the same cult that terrorized her before. Too many flashbacks, but an interesting take. The makeup/scars/body mods are terrific. The switching between good and bad are upsetting but worked in a way. I didn't like the sex scene but it was his flashback/wish scene so not too bad - only lasted a few minutes and maybe added to him (the supposed good guy) being so much in her favor. Not to give anything away, it went round and round and when the resolution came, of course, it changed. Didn't like that so much - I don't know what could have been done to make it better though. All in all, not too bad. I could see -maybe- watching again. Not too gory, just makeup. The horns hatching on her back were creepy. Not sex scene-y. Not boring, just kinda here and there.

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